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Cooking with Love Coloring Book

Cooking With Love (Shaded With Love Volume 6)
Publish Date: July 15, 2018
Covers/Pages Design by: Jessica Hildreth

This coloring book, featuring 100 designs and recipes inspired by your favorite authors, bloggers & Editors, is ready to become a part of your library, or gifted to someone who needs a smile!

Purchase your Copy today!!

All proceeds from this volume will benefit Dog T.A.G.S.

Dog T.A.G.S. (Train Assist Guide Serve) is a non-profit organization, is a service dog owner training program for veterans suffering from service connected PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and/or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). The veteran trains his/her personal dog with the help of experienced dog trainers.

Find out more about Dog T.A.G.S. by visiting their website.

Contributing Authors/Bloggers/Editors:

Aden Lowe ~ Alyvia Paige ~ Amanda Leigh ~ Amber Lacie ~ Angie M. Brashears ~ Anna Edwards ~ Barb Shuler ~ Betty Shreffler ~ Bree Dahlia ~ Cassie Graham~ Cheryl McMahan ~ Chianti Summers ~ D.D. Galvani ~ D.M. Earl ~ Diana Marie DuBois ~ DL Gallie ~ Elizabeth York ~ Emersyn Vallis ~ Geri Glenn ~ HJ Harley ~ Jennifer Rebecca ~ Jiffy Kate ~ KA Graham ~ Kara Liane ~ Kathleen Kelly ~ Kathryn Kelly ~ KC Enders ~ Kenzie Rose ~ Kim Deister ~ Kira Berger ~ KL Myers ~ Kristie Leigh ~ Lane Martin ~ Leah Negron ~
Lexi C. Foss ~ Little Shop of Readers ~ M.A. Stone ~ M.C. Cerny ~ Mareta L. Miller ~ Marley Valentine ~ Michele Shriver ~ Michelle Iannarelli ~ Michelle Rene ~ Missy Ann ~ Morgan Campbell ~ Nikki Sparxx ~ Renee Dyer ~ RP Fischer ~ Samantha A. Cole ~ Sheila Kell ~ Susan's Books I Like ~ Sweet & Spicy Reads ~ Sylvie Stewart ~ Taryn Steele ~ Magan Vernon ~ Tonya Clark ~ Tracie Delaney ~ Xana Jordan

Purchase your Copy today!!

Previous Volumes are available on Amazon!

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All proceeds will be donated to Free2Luv

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All proceeds will be donated to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

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All proceeds will be donated to The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

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All proceeds will be donated to BACA: Bikers Against Child Abuse!

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All proceeds will be donated to RAINN: Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

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