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Beneath the Layers by Mia Rivers

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TITLE – Beneath the Layers SERIES (& book #) – 1st book in a duology (must be read in order) AUTHOR – Mia Rivers GENRE – Contemporary Romance/Steamy suspense PUBLICATION DATE – 3/2015 PUBLISHER – Self Published COVER ARTIST – Kari Ayasha from Cover to Cover Designs

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I have a secret.
A secret that no-one besides my boyfriend, my mother and I know. A secret from my past which has me trapped in a relationship from hell.
Refusing to tell a soul, I’ve kept it balled up inside for the past few years, trying to seem composed for the world while my reality was the complete opposite. I gave up on any hopes of a different life. A life where love and happiness existed. Alex, personally saw to it himself. He made sure it was drilled deep within my brain. This was the hand that life had dealt me. The life I learned to accept.
Until the day I bumped into Nick.
A gorgeous man who's haunted my thoughts and awakened my desires. A man, whose persistence turned my world upside down, more than it already was. The same man who also happened to be my boss and had a secret of his own. A secret that I couldn't decipher, even when it stood right in front of me. A secret that would blow me away.
My name is Tara and this is my story.


Tara was starting her new job at the Law office of Rossi & Rossi P.A.; she has been a paralegal for the firm Lombardi & Associates for the past seven years. This was her chance to work at a higher paying job and she really liked the idea. Not wanted to be late for her new job she took the Metro to work due to the loads of traffic in the Miami area. When the Metro got to her destination she realized she was early so she decided to get a coffee. As she was heading towards the coffee shop across the street she bumped into a tall drink of water. By doing so her cell phone went flying, except the tall drink of water kept her from falling flat on her face be grabbing a hold of her wrist. She looked up into his eyes and all she seen was the most gorgeous emerald eyes a girl could get lost in. He asked if she was okay minus the fact that he phone screen was cracked she was fine. He offered to buy her a new phone and she turned him down so instead he offered her coffee. Once she finally excepted they were getting ready to enjoy their coffee when she noticed the time. Quickly she told him she had to run; before he could say anything else she was out the door running to her new office she would be working at.
When she arrived everyone in the building was on high alert trying to make sure that everything was running smoothly. She was at a loss as to what was happening, Mrs. Peterson finally explained after showing her to her office that Mr. Rossi was making an appearance at the office today.
Tara has a dark secret that has her kept to her awful boyfriend who is a major jerk. He all but used this secret to keep her in his life but do as he pleased. Tara only told a few of her friends part of the truth about their relationship. She didn’t want them to lose them as friends if they ever found out the truth about her.
 There are so many twist and turns in the story that I don’t want to give them a way in the review. If you have ever read anything my Mia Rivers, you already know her writing style. This was my first time reading her work and let me tell you she doesn’t disappoint with all the emotions you will feel reading this story. 

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Authors Log - Mia Rivers 


Mia Rivers lives in sunny South Florida with her super-cool son. She channeled her deep-rooted passions for reading and writing into the creation of her very own fictional world and characters.
When she's not writing, she can be found listening to a good band, hanging out with friends, or planning a future trip. But, you'll rarely see her without her treasured Kindle. Especially, when she's getting her daily coffee fix at Starbucks.


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