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ARC & PDF Books:

If I receive an ARC or PDF copy of a book for a review I GUARANTEE that I will not share the copy or give the copy or sell the copy to anyone. I will keep this copy for my personal use. I support the work you do as an Indie Author and having you work stolen is not right.
Book reviews:

I enjoy reading and when I write a review for your book it is from the heart. I am not reviewing your book from what others have said. I read your book take notes as I read if there is something really important that I need to remember to add to my review, I have a note book full of notes for all the books I have read, Once I have finished the book I will use the notes and write the review using pen and paper. Yes. I get its kind of funny but I keep hearing my teachers telling me that you need to express your feelings with heart with pen and paper before type. After I am happy with the pen and paper I will sign into MS office, and type up my review were I keep a copy on my hard drive, then I will post here on my blog as well as Goodreads and any of the other places you might like me to add my review. The star rating will go right along with the review.

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