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Rosemary Wolfe, M.D. By Rexanna Ipock- Brown

Title: Rosemary Wolfe, M.D. (Monster Doctor) (Loving Monsters Series Book 1) 
Author: Rexanna Ipock-Brown 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Release Date: April 15, 2018 
Cover Designer: Angela Fristoe at Covered Creatively http://www.coveredcreatively.com/

Never date vampires.
Dr. Rosemary Wolfe loves her career as a physician and veterinarian to the Genetically Diverse Beings in her community. She’ll do almost anything to help them. Dating them is another matter. Been there, done that, almost married a psycho. A witch and werewolf, she’s convinced her differences make her unlovable, therefore she reluctantly embraces her friends-with-benefits lifestyle. Bryce Gold meets Rosemary at a party and asks her on a date. After losing his last wife to a vengeful vampire, Bryce has sworn off serious relationships for good. Not a heartless vampire, he’s simply endured all the grief he can. But his thoughts are filled with the sexy Dr. Wolfe, and he’s reconsidering his principles. The more time they spend together, the more he realizes she could be the one to heal his heart. Soon, Rosemary and Bryce find love might not be enough to save them from their pasts. They will have to awaken their neglected powers to save their lives and relationship.
CONTENT WARNING: This book includes an adventurous witch/wolf trying to find love. It contains smoking hot shifters and vampires, swoon-worthy love scenes, naughty language, and a dash of violence to spice things up. Intended for mature audiences

They walked hand-in-hand to her apartment’s front entrance. She shivered when Bryce closed his long fingers over her hand taking her key. The lock clicked, and he moved back to allow her to enter. Her attention glued to him, she bumped an entryway table sending a lamp careening to the floor. Spinning around too late, she tightened. In a blur of action, Bryce caught it. With shaking hands, Rosemary took a moment to position the lamp back on the table. “Thanks, it belonged to my grandma on my mom’s side.” “No problem. What’s the use of having vampire reflexes if you don’t use them?” His smoky voice set fire to her lady parts. Her imagination concocted a slew of uses for his talents. She was lost. He saved her Grandma Rosie’s lamp. She was shocked to discover she wanted to give him a chance. “So true.” How to say this? “Okay, then.” He suddenly appeared vulnerable. “Thanks for a great night. I enjoyed myself.” She edged closer until his warmth flowed over her. His voice came out almost in a whisper. “Did you enjoy yourself enough to consider going on another date with me?” She edged closer and tilted her head. She shook with the need to kiss him.  She stroked his cheek with her hand. “Yes, I would like that.” He grabbed her hand, giving it a firm shake, and then he headed for the door. “Great, I’ll call you. Good night.” What the hell? Her mouth flew open as she stood there in shock. “Good… goodnight.” Before she could say more, he turned around and his strong arms wrapped around her, holding her close, her breasts flattened to his broad, powerful chest. He lifted her chin and gazed into her eyes. A psychic tingle passed between them leaving no doubt in her mind he wanted her. “You didn’t think I’d leave without kissing you, did you?” And, then he smiled. Rosemary started to speak, but before the smart-ass answer shot out, he possessed her mouth. Her pulse banged in a primal rhythm of need. All thoughts abandoned her mind. He slipped his tongue slowly between her lips. As she kissed him back with a passion she could barely control, tendrils of fear slipped into her thoughts. Her tongue felt the fullness of his fangs pushing at the corners of his mouth. Am I nuts? He’s a vampire. A big, strong, sexy vampire. Her body arched as his large hands caressed her back, dropping lower and lower until with a palm on each of her butt cheeks, he pulled her into him. She glanced for a second at his eyes that glowed. The pulse of his throbbing manhood beat a tune of need across her belly. She moaned as his leg slipped between her thighs. She welcomed his fingers searching for her breasts as he deepened the kiss. When he found them, he pinched her nipples, releasing a flood of need between her legs. Eyes flying open, she realized his fangs had extended to their full length. The knowledge they were approaching the point of no return, froze her. For a moment, they stared at each other. With obvious effort, she pulled back. He growled but allowed her to step away. Afraid of what she had almost done, she swallowed, trying to control her lust. “Bryce, I’m sorry. I need more time.” Bryce shuddered. “I have to go, before I can’t.” Trembling, he kissed her gently in the center of her forehead and left.

Rosemary Wolfe, M.D. (Monster Doctor) is Rexanna’s debut novel. Rexanna is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Columbia chapter of the Missouri Writer’s Guild. Rexanna’s characters are drawn from her work as a psychic consultant. She has assisted police departments with cold cases, was a popular guest on radio call-in shows, and has been featured on local and national television. Rexanna married her college sweetheart, who also loves reading and is an easy blusher. Their long-shared Saturday afternoon activity is to go out for lunch and then to a library or bookstore. They’ve done this for most of their 35-year marriage. Rexanna’s favorite hobbies include walking her dachshund/king cavalier spaniel rescue dog, collecting crystals, and reading romance novels.


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