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My Boyfriend’s Dad by Jade C. Jamison

Title:My Boyfriend’s Dad
 By:Jade C. Jamison 
Genre:Contemporary Romance
Book Description: 
 What I desire is something I shouldn't have... Everything about my life is crap—except for my relationship with my boyfriend Brendan. He’s sweet and thoughtful but maybe too much so…because he won’t take what I’m freely giving him: my body. On my eighteenth birthday, Brendan’s dad Logan pulls me into an embrace that seems to last longer than it should, setting my mind racing with desire and thoughts of forbidden deeds, things I shouldn’t crave. The last man I should want is my boyfriend’s dad—and yet I can’t get him out of my mind. Of all the guys in the world, Logan is the one male off limits to me.
This older man is in my every lustful thought, driving me to distraction. I think I could get over this crush—except I discover his feelings for me are not so innocent, leaving me torn between loyalty and desire…
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