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Letting Go by Ash Gray

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Title: Letting Go - A Real Love Story (Stand Alone)

Author: Ash Gray


Warm sand.

Turquoise water.

Hot man.

Those are the ingredients for the perfect summer romance recipe, right?

Wrong when you're me.

My love life has never been anything to rave about. I've been single for way longer than I'm willing to admit. Which has resulted in me becoming a hermit; and I don't mind it one bit.

My friends and family, on the other hand, don't like the fact that they see me so little because of the way I live my life.

One trip to the heavenly island of Gran Canaria will change my life forever. Usually, I'm not one to throw caution to the wind and let go of my inhibitions, but I did this one time. I gave my trust to someone I barely knew; and me being me, I ignored all the signs and went into this relationship - if you can call it that - heart first, and it got shattered.

If you're nosey and want an insight of the very private life - and sometimes highly embarrassing - love life of a thirty year old woman, dive into this story that is mine.

***No exaggerations were used in this book, sadly for my sanity.***

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About Ash Gray:

Ashley is a thirty-year-old British self-published author from Brighton, where she lives with her little Daschund.

She started writing her upcoming trilogy three years ago but, it’s been put to a stop because her characters left her and went on vacation. They are currently sipping margaritas on a beach and hopefully they’ll come back shortly so she can finish the story she’s excited to bring you.

She’s an avid reader and traveler. Any excuse is good enough for her to hop on a plane and go soak up the sun that she’s lacking whilst living in Brighton, United Kingdom.

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