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Her Savior

A Rescue Series Novella; Book 2

Publish Date: May 15, 2018

Genre: Romance, Military Romance

Cover Design by: Opium House Creatives

Photography: Nathan Hainline Photography

Model: Nathan Hainline

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Capturing her heart may save them both.

Heroes aren’t born. They’re made through hard work, discipline and the love of their country.

Brenton “Trigger” O’Connor, has seen many things in his years as a Marine sniper. He’s seen the destinations of war - the heartache of losing a friend. The last thing he was looking for while back home was finding love.

Avery’s world has been one battle after another. If it’s not her alcoholic father, it’s the ex from hell trying to ruin her. Brent coming back home changes everything. The bad may outweigh the good, but with the big man with her, things may be looking up.

When danger strikes and Avery’s life is on the line, it’s Brent who will have to save the woman who has stolen his heart before it’s too late.


“Son of a three legged whore!” I heard a loud crash accompanied by Randilyn’s, ever so colorful choice of words coming from out in the garage. I pushed back from the desk and moved out into the garage. “Cock suckers!”

I laughed at the sight before me. There Randilyn was, bent over, her head buried in the engine of some guy’s truck.

“What’s with the swearing, Cracker Jack?” I said as I slipped to the side of the truck. It was one of those trucks with a massive lift kit that makes a girl wonder what the man behind the wheel is compensating for. In this case, it must be some serious compensating. Randilyn’s feet were up on the guys front bumper, legs parted slightly for balance as she worked.

“Someone was tinkering in here and has stripped the fucking bolts. Asswipes! I swear, I don’t know why the good Lord gave men brains, they sure as hell never use them.”

I laughed and tried to stand on my tip toes but there was no way that was working. I barely stood level with where the real tires should be. Man. Men and their egos. I moved over to grab the three foot step ladder she kept in here and climbed up to see what she was doing. I leaned against the truck and made a face. She was covered in grease, which I’ll be honest, was kind of gross. And no, I’m not some overly prissy, afraid to break a nail or get dirty kind of girl, but engine grease was just gross. And it smelled funny.

“Hand me the socket wrench, would ya? And the three-eighths bit for it. It’s on the bench,” she’d said.

“Sure,” I said, already climbing down. What the hell was a socket wrench again? Oh, I remembered. I moved to the bench and found the wrench with no issue, but what was a three-eighths bit? I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth as I grabbed what I hoped was the right thing and climbed back up. “Here, babe. I think that’s it.”

She took it and a minute later was cursing up a storm again. “Ave,” her voice filtered from under the engine. Why she always left the last letters off my name, I will never know. It used to annoy me but now, it was just what everyone called me. I guess adding on the ‘ry’ was too much when you were in a hurry. “This ain’t the one. I need three-eighth’s, not the half inch, cracker.” I grimaced at grabbing the wrong one, laughed at the stupid nickname we gave each other years ago, and climbed back down. Which one was it?

“I’ll find it,” I grumbled.

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