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Crossing the Goal Line by Author:Kim Findlay

Title: Crossing the Goal Line 
Author: Kim Findlay 
Genre: Romance - Contemporary, Harlequin, Heartwarming 
Release Date: March 1, 2018
Cover Designer: Harlequin 

Icebreaker or endgame? Can two devoted athletes make room in their lives for love?
Mike Reimer knows from experience that hockey and relationships don’t mix. And hot-tempered swim coach Bridget O’Reilly couldn’t be more wrong for the widowed pro goalie, aka the Iceman. As the playoffs approach, Mike’s growing feelings for her could melt the hardest heart. But what if being with Bridget means letting down his team…and, worst of all, himself?



Mike had heard of love at first sight, but this was the first time he’d seen it happen, right in front of him. Bridget had come out, checking her phone, not even noticing him. Then when she’d looked up, she seemed annoyed. But as he’d waited, her expression softened, a small smile turned up the corners of her mouth and she moved forward as if drawn by an irresistible force. Mike watched as she closed in on him...and then passed him...staring at his car. She brought one hand up, as if to touch it, then dropped it again. She shook her head, and looked back at him. “A P1?” Mike raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Yes.” He watched as she completed her circuit of his car. Not everyone would recognize a McLaren, or know which one he had. He’d impressed people with this car, mostly when they realized what it cost, but he’d never been ignored for it. He didn’t like that. It was a nice car, even a beautiful one, but still it was just a car.

Kim Findlay lives in Toronto, Canada, with her very handsome husband, two strapping sons, and possibly the world's cutest spaniel. When she can get time away from her accounting business, Kim can be found traveling, sailing, reading, or writing, depending on the season, time of day, and her energy level. You can find her at kimfindlay.ca, @missheyer74, or on Facebook.

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