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Secret Gold by Author: Maegan Cook

Title: Secret Gold 
Author: Maegan Cook 
Genre: Young Adult 
Cover Designer: Alice Bessoni 
Release Date: April 7, 2018 

In a world where magic is the lifeblood of society and the fantastic is just as accessible as modern technology, finding your soulmate should be as easy as flicking a wand, right? Even with the mass production of a luxury magical device called a Soul Tracker explicitly designed to assist hopeless romantics, the odds are still stifling.
Add to this that one's level of magic is genetically set, and Margerie Krietz's hopes of ever meeting her soul mate are slim to none. Margerie's magic aptitude test scores are abysmal, and as the potential heiress of a rather large and influential magic device business, she finds herself at risk of losing her birthright.
Desperate to boost her grades her senior year, Margerie reaches out to her professor for help -- but when her tutor turns out to be the handsome heir to a competing conglomerate, it becomes apparent that her path to success is more convoluted than ever.

By the time the bus let Margerie off on the corner where Saraf would meet her, she was fifteen minutes early, of course; but her mood hadn't diminished, and she took a great gulp of the frigid air, letting out a cloud of breath that she gently held in the air with magic. Her smile widened at the accomplishment. If she stayed focused for a few more days, her dreams just might come true, and she'd make her family proud. "What do you look so cheerful about?" the gruff grunt of a question announced Saraf's arrival behind her. "It's a beautiful day." she turned to face her scowling tutor, elated he was early for once. He glanced around, his expression perplexed. "It's as gray as the tundra and three times as cold. What are you talking about?" "I'll show you when I get my wand out. Where are we studying today?" Margerie chirped, excitement building to show off what she'd practiced. Saraf's scowl softened slightly. "Progress?" Margerie nodded, adjusting her bag. He shrugged in his fluffy coat. "All right, follow me. The cafe is pretty quiet, so it's a perfect place to show off." "Oh." Margerie fell into step with Saraf. "You've got something to show off? How surprising." "Grinning like an idiot in subarctic weather and jokes, you are in a weird happy mood, today. What, did you get laid?" She felt the hot blush creep up her cheeks. "N-No!" He slid her a sideways glance but said nothing more as he turned and opened the door to a small, dimly lit cafe.

Maegan Cook is an up and coming writer with many projects in the works. She has currently published two Ebooks, a couple of graphic novels, and is working on a sci-fi novel and a romance novella. When she isn’t glued to a computer screen, she spends time working in the garden, catering to her dog's every whim, or taking long drives in the countryside with her partner in crime.

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