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Anthony by Morgan Campbell

Bully Series; Book 4
Morgan Campbell

Genre: Contemporary Romance, LGBT
Release Date: March 14, 2018


During the day, I’m Anthony Brock Cunningham, sex shop owner. By night, I’m Cupid’s enemy.

I have a knack for finding my friends their soulmates. I’m responsible for their happy ever after’s. Their ‘I do’s’ and ‘Til death do us part’s.’

Everything was fine and dandy until the day he walks into my shop requesting my services. He’s not my typical match but anything for the name of love, right?

Except I couldn’t be more wrong. The more he tries to find his one and only, the more I start falling for the Star Wars quoting, thick, black glasses wearing, super nerdy computer boy.

The only way to get Oliver Stark to notice me is to go from matchmaker to matchbreaker.



I smile to myself as I turn a corner and I come face to face with a wall full of dildos and vibrators of every shape and size. Out of the corner of my eye, as I stare down the toys, I see the purple-haired man come up to me.

“Are these supposed to be comfortable?” My hand points to the advertisement for their new line of Avengers personal massagers under a sign that reads Wall O’ Cocks and the giant green one that sits out amongst its fellow friends.

“Sugar, that’s for a seasoned pro. If you’re looking for our more novelty line, might I suggest Cap? He’s always good for some old-fashioned fun.” He pulls the red, white, and blue one off the wall. “I’m sure your girl will love this one. I hear it’s got that super-soldier stamina and speed.”

He winks at me and I can feel my cheeks get warm with a soft blush.

“I, uh, don’t…I mean, I don’t have a…girlfriend.” I stammer. More importantly, I don’t have a boyfriend.

“Sugar, if you swing for my team then you’re definitely in the wrong section.” I feel my face go redder, and before I can duck away, he grabs my hand and takes me to the other side of the wall. “This is what you need, hon. None of that vagina monologue crap.

“Now,” he continues while clapping his hands together. “These bad boys will give you a perma-smile and make your ass sesentirmagnifique.”

A hint of a smile cracks on my face. So, this must be Anthony “I was warned you might do that.”

His eyes slant for a moment before it clicks who I am. “You’re the guy Gunnar sent over?”

“Oliver Stark,” I reply, holding out my hand.

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Author Bio:
Morgan lives in the south of Texas with her family. When she’s not writing, she can usually be found with her nose stuck in a book, cooking, baking, crocheting, and causing a general ruckus with her friends and family! Filled with an overactive imagination at a young age, she began writing her thoughts down in a journal, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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