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The #5Star Affair by Allyson Lindt

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TITLE – The #5Star Affair SERIES – Love Hashtagged AUTHOR – Allyson Lindt  
GENRE – Contemporary Romance PUBLICATION DATE – 5/15/2015  
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 48000 PUBLISHER – Acelette Press



Jaycie Wharry is one of gaming’s most infamous reviewers—under the intentionally vague pseudonym J-Dub. Most of her friends didn’t even know what she really did for a living. Then again, one in particular was missing a few solder points in his neural circuits, and she traded that life in as fast as she could when his infatuation with her translated into a threat to her safety. Her new roommate, Ethan, is just supposed to be a firewall against the past, but they’re heating up the wires faster than an X-box on a summer’s day.
When one of Ethan’s friends leaks Jaycie’s reviewing identity to the entire internet, accusing her of sleeping with developers in exchange for her 5-star approval, both of their careers are threatened. Since slapping a gag-order on the internet to protect their jobs, privacy, and safety isn’t an option, Jaycie and Ethan will need to archive all their preconceived notions, or watch their future—with each other and in general—crash in an unrecoverable way.




“Answer me completely honestly.” 
“Like I’ve been doing all night?” 
She raised her brows. Could he hear her heart hammering against her ribs? “Am I just a conquest, or are you actually interested in me?”
All traces of teasing dropped from his face, and he pulled her hand toward him. “You aren’t just anything, and definitely not a conquest. You’re fascinating and intelligent and witty and gorgeous, and ‘interested’ in you is such an understatement, it’s almost rude.” 
She’d expected he’d probably come up with the right answer sooner rather than later. It was a leading question. What she hadn’t expected was such an immediate and passionate response. 
He searched her face. “Was that it?” 
“Yes.” She wasn’t sure she trusted herself to say more. “Your turn.” 
“I desperately want to tangle my fingers in your hair, and kiss you again.” 
Ethan’s voice had dropped an octave, and his gaze held her captive. 
Heat flooded her, warming every inch of her skin, and searing her nerves. She pushed all thought aside, shifted her weight to her knees, leaned in, and brushed her lips over his. She pulled back enough to look him in the eye. “Truth.” Her voice barely reached her own ears.

Author Photo - Allyson Lindt


Allyson Lindt is a full-time geek and a fuller-time contemporary romance author. She prefers that her geeky heroes come with the alpha expansion pack and adores a heroine who can hold her own in a boardroom. She loves a sexy happily-ever-after and helping deserving cubicle dwellers find their futures together.


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