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CE Black

Best selling author of the Fantasy Romance, 'Shifted Temptations'. C.E. Black lives in the hot south with her husband and two children. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading as much as possible and having girl-talk, while drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee.
Tell the readers a little about you.
Hi! I’m Author C.E. Black and I’m so happy to be here. Thank you Magic of Books!
Other than being a writer, I”m a stay at home mom of two beautiful children, ages 12 and 7. My husband and I have been married for going on 14 years now. I’ve never known anyone else like him. He’s my biggest supporter, my cheerleader and sometimes my manager. *grins* I love him more every day.
I’m an acknowledged coffee addict. I barely can get through a day without at least one cup. Especially if I want words to appear on my work in progress. I love to travel and of course, I’m a voracious reader.

What genre do you mostly write in and why?
I write erotic paranormal romance. Vampires, shifters, ghosts... etc. I plan to try my hand at many supernatural heroes, heroines and villains. Basically, I got involved in writing in this genre from the enjoyment of reading PNR. I found myself switching the story around in my head when I read them. Coming up with alternate endings, conversations, etc. Then one day, a story of my own making popped into my head. It was PNR though it wasn’t erotic. Having more steamy books came from my characters. I follow them. It’s no wonder I write about the paranormal, when my very first story I wrote, at the age of eleven, was about a haunted house.
I have plenty of ideas in other genres as well. Fantasy Romance and Contemporary Romance. I hope to have the time to finish them one day.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Finding time to write. Between taking care of my family and promoting my books, there’s not many hours left in the day. I’m working on better time management and spending less time on social media. I love talking to my readers, but I have to make time for writing, or there will be nothing for them to read.

Describe your writing style in ten words or less.
Intense, Fast-Paced, Romantic, Sexy, Action-Packed

How did you come up with your titles?
Usually, something within the story grabs my attention and I know then and there what the title is. In other cases, I’ve written long lists of titles and if I can’t make a decision, I ask my sister. She actually chose the title of my book, Shifted Temptations and it was perfect. The rest of the series’ titles fell right into place.

Are experiences within your books based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
My characters have little pieces of myself and others in my life. Little quirks and idiosyncrasies that make for deeper characters, but I’ve never based a character on one particular person, as of yet.
There have been a few events that have made it into my work. Cursed Desires is about a married couple that go to Charleston, SC to celebrate their anniversary and enjoy the city, including one of their famous ghost tours. Unknown to them, they bring a guest back home with them. That idea came from a trip my husband and I took to Charleston. We go there for our anniversary almost every year and we love the ghost tours. However, we’ve never brought home a ghost.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?
Sure! I’m working on the third novel in my Alpha Division series, Shifted Obsessions.
Here’s an excerpt.
Shifted Obsession - Alpha Division, Book 3
Copyright by C.E. Black
“Teij,” I nodded as Leo and I walked into the boss’ office. The office was spacious, allowing enough room for almost the whole division to pack in. Though it had to be for a man Teij’s build to feel comfortable. We were almost the same size, both in width and height. And at almost six and a half feet tall and two hundred and seventy five pounds, I completely understood his need for higher ceilings and room to move.
Standing, Teij walked around his desk and stood in front of us. “I was just about to go back down there,” he said.
“I’ll go,” I told him. “Maybe I can get some information.”
“Would be nice,” he shook his head and sighed, “but I’m beginning to think it’s useless.”
I understood and felt the same. When we’d found the drugs in the back of the biker bar, I thought we’d a break in the case. The government felt the same and after the police arrested the whole gang, the CIA made sure to send the shifters to us. They hadn’t cared what we did with them and though Teij hadn’t said, I suspected they wanted us to question, then kill them.
For over a week, we interrogated, threatening bodily harm, even death, but so far, none of them have said a word. The Division never thought twice about getting rid of someone. It sucked, killing that is, but it was how our world worked. There were no jails, no way to punish, except by death. But torture? None of us were comfortable with going that route. But we had to get answers soon.
“I’ll see what I can do,” I sighed.
“I’m heading to talk to Hawk for a minute, then I’ll join you,” Leo said before grinning, his blue eyes sparkling with constant laughter. “Maybe we can play good cop, bad cop.”
Shaking my head, I laughed. “Let me guess, you’re the good cop?”
“Hell no!” His eyebrows lowered and he growled. “I bet I’ll scare him so bad he’ll piss his pants before he spills every last secret.”
Raising an eyebrow, I didn’t say a word. Leo was scary enough, but most only saw his young face and kind eyes, thinking he was more of a pushover. Where as they never saw past my large frame, thinking I would snap their necks if they got too close.
“Whatever you have to do,” Teij interrupted. “It’s getting to the point we’re going to have to take drastic measures. Sōm has volunteered to work on them if they continue to keep their lips sealed.” He didn’t have to elaborate. Sōm was one scary son of a bitch.
“I don’t think any of us would mind helping him out,” Leo’s eyes darkened and his teeth flashed sharply.
I minded, but I kept my mouth shut. No one wanted a wuss having their backs and me with an aversion to hurting people, even if they are the bad guys, made me the weak link. Sometimes I wondered what I was really doing here.

For those interested in exploring the subject or theme of your book, where should they start?
If you’re interested in my work, I have a free promotion going on. All new subscribers to my mailing list get the first novel in my Alpha Division series, Shifted Temptations, free. Here’s the link to my website where you’ll find how to sign up and if you click on the books section, you can read excerpts and find more about my work. http://ceblackbooks.weebly.com/

What makes your book stand out from the crowd?
I love dialogue and action filled plot with intense scenes. Readers have actually said my novel of more than 350 pages was short. It wasn’t short, but it reads with a flow that, I’ve been told, captures you until the end.

What inspires you?
Everything and anything can inspire me. I listen to music as I write for inspiration as well as a way to drown out the world around me. I’ve found inspiration staring at the sky. A story has popped in my head from watching a plane fly by. Or from going on trips with my family. Anything can get my imagination flowing.

Who are some of your favorite authors that you feel were influential in your work? What impact have they had on your writing?
I have so many favorite authors. Reading Stephanie Myer and Charlaine Harris had my imagination in overdrive and introduced me to PNR. I read some books by Maya Banks and found that being an author and getting these stories out of my head and on paper was possible. And I found my courage to self publish. Reading Laurell K Hamilton has taught me to push boundaries and I learned from Nicholas Spark that it’s okay to have emotional scenes that make you cry.
Every book I read teaches me something new. That’s why it’s so important to be a reader as much as a writer.

What do you like to read in your free time?
I love just about everything in romance. But I find that I read more Contemporary Romance than anything else. I guess because I write PNR all day, it feels like a break from the norm. However, I still love reading some good shifter and vamp stories for sure. I’m at the bookstore bright and early on release day every year for the next Anita Blake novel. hahaha

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